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Grab Your Gal Pals: Galentine's Day Get-A-Way

Grab Your Gal Pals: Galentine's Day Get-A-Way

Galentine's Day at The Old Bag Factory in Indiana sounds like a delightful and unique way to celebrate friendship and camaraderie. Galentine's Day, popularized by the TV show "Parks and Recreation," is a day dedicated to celebrating female friendships. End your day in a cozy stay in one of Limber Lost Place's vacation rentals!

Explore Art Galleries and Studios

Take a stroll through the art galleries and studios housed in The Old Bag Factory. Appreciate the work of local artists, discuss your favorite pieces with your friends, and maybe even find unique artworks or crafts to commemorate the day.

Galentine's Day Shopping

Explore the shops and boutiques within The Old Bag Factory. Whether it's fashion, home décor, or specialty items, you're likely to find treasures to share with your friends or to treat yourselves.

Pampering Session

Experience self love by getting a blow out hair style so you look as good as you feel! Hosted by Shey Fades&Styles. Taking some time for relaxation and self-care enhances the Galentine's Day experience.

Capture the Moments

Bring along a camera or use your smartphones to capture the special moments of your Galentine's Day celebration. Whether it's a group photo in front of the historic architecture or candid shots of you and your friends enjoying the day, these memories will be cherished.

Dinner and Drinks

End the day with a delightful dinner at one of the restaurants within The Old Bag Factory. Raise a toast to friendship and the wonderful day you've spent together. Share stories, laughter, and perhaps exchange small tokens of appreciation.

Gift Exchange

Consider organizing a small Galentine's Day gift exchange among your friends. It could be something thoughtful or humorous to show appreciation for each other.

Sweet Slumber

End your fun-filled girls day with a sweet nights sleep in one of Limber Lost Place's beautiful and cozy vacation rentals! A trip and stay your gal pals will never forget!

Remember to check the schedule and availability of activities in advance and make any necessary reservations to ensure a smooth and enjoyable Galentine's Day celebration at The Old Bag Factory in Indiana. The combination of art, history, shopping, and community engagement makes it a fantastic setting for a memorable Galentine's Day with your favorite gal pals.


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